Thursday, March 14, 2013

A New Reader...

As most of you have found out by now, the rumors are true. 

not mine-property of Google

Google is shutting down Goole Reader (and GFC) by the first of July. 

Luckily there are lots of other ways to follow and read all your favorite blogs... 
BlogLovin', Feedly, Networked Blogs, and HelloCotton and by email to name a few.

In the coming day's I'll be participating in a BlogLovin' Giveaway!
I'm so excited for this one. It's going to be HUGE!

more news to come next week!


  1. glad to have found your blog i'm a new follower.

    1. Thank you for following my blog! Come visit Me at our other blog Rambling of the Obsessive Compulsive...

      Sarah =0)